Life Magazine July 8, 1957 – King Ranch


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Life Magazine Cover : Ed Durham, a manager of the famous King Ranch in Texas, works a modern cattle herd, great classic working cowboy shot.  Part 1 (see LIFE July 15, 1957 for part 2).

  • Former President, Harry Truman, shows off the Truman Memorial Library in Independence, Missouri.
  • Cute full page color ad for Norcross triangle-shaped greeting cards.
  • Photo essay – Pilgrims of the U.S.A., Americans visiting their capital.
  • Photo story of filming “The Pride and the Passion” in Spain with Frank Sinatra and Sophia Loren.
  • Whittier, California High School vocational students build and sell a house, includes Fernando Garcia, Alfonso Rodriguez, Victor Lopez, Karen Cocks, Carol Pike, Richard Krogh and others.
  • Rescue at the Powhatan coal mine between Fernwood and Dogtown in southern Ohio, includes Joe Supinski, Kenny Hamilton.
  • Horrible aerial photo of a dead man next to his bicycle in the Mojave Desert.
  • This poor baby okapi was named Ebola.
  • Close-up: Tunisia’s Premier Bourguiba says, ” Democracy cannot be bargained for…”
  • The amazing McDaniel boys: baseball pitchers Lindy, 21, and Von,18, remind St. Louis of ” Me and Paul.”
  • Enrolled in a school of fish, Logan Smith off Catalina Island.
  • Full page color ad the mighty Chrysler Windsor black and white 2-door sedan.
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