Life Magazine July 4, 1960 – Politics


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Life Magazine Cover : Michigan political candidates parade in Lansing – fold-out cover photo.

  • Pre-convention special issue about American Politics.
  • Three page Savings and Loan Associations ad for “Independence Day.”
  • Pictorial guide to Los Angeles’ sports Arena with names of locations of Democratic delegates, followed with a map of American geography as seen by the professional vote seeker.
  • Nice two page color Swift’s Premium meats ad with four boys in red hats eating hot dogs.
  • Pet dogs, a politician’s best friend – who has what kind of dog.
  • Full page color Richfield gasoline ad with nice beach scene.
  • Big color paintings of ten different US presidents from history.
  • Humorous piece “We can’t nominate HIM” by Robert Wallace.
  • The lowly precinct, where the political activity begins.
  • Geri Joseph of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Religious bias plagues American politics.
  • Extremely cute full page color Bell Telephone ad with little girl in frilly pink diaper.
  • Today this title means something else entirely – “Gay campaign paraphernalia” – in 1960 it was for an article about banners, hats, lanterns, campaign buttons and such.
  • Northwestern University has fake National convention.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine July 4, 1960!
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