Life Magazine July 4, 1949 – Beach Holiday


Magazine Condition : Very Good

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Life Magazine Cover : Holiday at the beach, Pat Paulo and David Rochlen.

  • Nice full page color Studebaker ad with blue Champion Starlight coupe and red Commander convertible.
  • Pretty half page color Skol sun tanning lotion ad.
  • Dan and Mrs. Mannix with tame bald eagle.
  • Our economy develops an engine knock.
  • Gussy’s lace panties startle Wimbledon, Gertrude Moran, tennis player.
  • St. Louis has a race riot.
  • Orwell’s strange world of 1984, illustrated by Abner Dean.
  • Interview – what do you think of television, Mr. Fred Allen?
  • Pictorial essay – the opening of the west.
  • Peter Schlumbohm the inventor, kettles, coffee makers.
  • Midget air racer, pilot Bob Downey.
  • Mule beats horses, Camp Carson, Colorado – Hambone.
  • Movie “Lost Boundaries.”
  • Unconsecrated church of St. Francis in Brazil.
  • Natural history – baby mammoth from near Fairbanks, Alaska.
  • Life spends a day with Dave Rochlen the Lifeguard, including photos of Pat Paulo.
  • Very pretty full page color Pontiac ad with blue convertible. Musical “Miss Liberty.”
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine July 4, 1949!
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