Life Magazine July 29, 1957 – Babysitting


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Life Magazine Cover : Fifteen-year-old babysitter Judy Fuss of Los Angeles, California, reading to her charge.

  • Jean Cocteau mural in 14th century chapel in Villefranch-sur-Mer.
  • Cute color photo ad, full page, Kellogg’s Variety Pack, two small boys unable to choose.
  • Miss U.S.A. contest winner is revealed as a Mrs.- oops, she was married.
  • Photo essay – A great cameraman shows bullfight’s “Perfect flow of motion.”
  • Photo essay – Supersonic view of U.S. in record 203-minute flight piloted by Major John H. Glenn.
  • Photo essay – The profession of babysitting or sitting, the opening photo is of young Chan Gibson making faces at his sitter.
  • Cyd Charisse in “Silk Stockings.”
  • The revival of the hammock.
  • Close-up : Dressmaker Emil Lence’s bold venture into boxing.
  • Shear Tranquility : Doyle Goldy of Palisades, Washington.
  • Nice full page color Pepsi ad.
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