Life Magazine July 27, 1962 – Elsa Martinelli


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Life Magazine Cover : Elsa Martinelli in a toga on a white bed.

  • Beautiful house of flowers, designer Eszter Haraszty creates flower-patterned furnishings.
  • New kind of camp, so idle boys won’t go bad – Youth Opportunity Camp in New York, and warning from prisoner Paul Crump, including Bernie Munoz.
  • Glamorous full page color Gilbey’s Vodka ad with woman in big flowery yellow hat.
  • Photo essay – some shape for a ship, Tropic Rover.
  • Photo of Jackie Kennedy waterskiing.
  • Joe Levine, upper movie salesman.
  • Too much baseball for small-fry, developing Little League elbow, Bobby Prewitt of Pittsburgh.
  • Brightly colored “tanning masks” with the faces of the Kennedys protect faces of sun bathers.
  • 13-year-old champion jumping horse Snow Man is subject of new MGM film, owned by De Leyers family of Long Island.
  • Fashion – stay-at-home nighties.
  • Dr. Samuel Rosen’s Shangri-La, Sudan.
  • Catamaran Tropic Rover cruises through the Bahamas 3 times a month.
  • Funny photo of Bud Porter at Cherry Hills Country Club in Denver.
  • Far-out forms for new churches, Greek Orthodox Church of the Ascension in Oakland, California, Air Force Academy Chapel in Colorado Springs, Colorado, more.
  • Full page color AC spark plug ad with children’s toy blocks.
  • Full page Maytag ad with the Ray Crookston family and 15 kids.
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