Life Magazine July 25, 1960 – JFK Supporters


Magazine Condition :
Fair (Inside is Good. Cover has some wear and is loose from staples)

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Life Magazine Cover : Political demonstration in support of Jack Kennedy.

  • The Democratic convention : 12 pages color report.
  • Phony spy charge – what the USA RB-47 bomber was really doing when Soviet fighter planes blasted it down, includes photos of Willard Palm, Eugene Posa, Oscar Goforth, John McKone, Bruce Olmstead, Dean Phillips, Mrs. Bruce Olmstead, others.
  • Lovely full page color Newport cigarette ad with little skiff.
  • Rioting in Leopoldville in Congo as United Nations troops arrive.
  • Life correspondent Judson Gooding describes Castro, Cuba prison from the inside.
  • Attractive full page color Pan American ad.
  • Miracle at Niagara falls – 7 year old Roger Woodward survives, James Honeycutt dies.
  • Musicians Judy Holliday, Betty Comden and Adolph Green.
  • Neat full page color Pabst Blue Ribbon beer ad with people in old fashioned swimming suits from 1893.
  • Photo essay – Europe’s festivals from Spain to Scandinavia.
  • Photo essay – the women of France.
  • Science teams finds the cause of the Electra plane crashes.
  • Williamsburg, Virginia kids step back to colonial days.
  • Charming full page bright orange Kellogg’s corn flakes cereal ad.
  • Cute photo of dog Cookie lying in front of fan on owner Jack Tinney’s bed, every dog lover in the world can relate to this photo!.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine July 25, 1960!
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