Life Magazine July 20, 1959 – Swedish Champion


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Life Magazine Cover : Heavyweight Champion Ingemar Johansson and his friend Birgit Lundgren lean over the edge of a swimming pool in Pompano Beach, Florida – they visited friends in Florida before returning to adulation in Sweden.

  • Caroly Jones does some really cute photos with statues as her companions.
  • Wow, lovely two page color Revlon ad for ‘Bon Bons.”
  • Master rogue unmasked – buffoon, financier, swindler, Lowell Birrell is object of worldwide search.
  • Nice full page color English Ford Line ad with small red car, the Prefect.
  • Pretty Princess weds the prince – Albert of Belgium marries Italy’s Princess Paola.
  • Photo essay – Darwin’s world of nature – part VII. The mystery of coral isles – on a faraway atoll Darwin solved a riddle of oceanic life.
  • Photo essay – Old age – Part II – New ways to full lives – imaginative but sensible solutions to keep the aged useful and self-sufficient.
  • Three page fold-out General Electric ad for refrigerator.
  • Medicine – Russia’s two-headed dog – Soviet surgeons performs fantastic experiment as part of research into transplanting human parts, this is possibly the most horrible ad in all the years of LIFE.
  • Feature on Egypt’s President Nasser.
  • A wagon train holiday – 90 covered wagons go from Tellico Plains, Tennessee to Murphy, North Carolina.
  • Great photo – Tackling An Eternal Question – two young boys try to discover if Scotsmen wear anything under their kilts.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine July 20, 1959!
  • Antique magazines are packed with entertainment from cover to cover!
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