Life Magazine July 19, 1968 – Nomadic Travel


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Life Magazine Cover : Rick Heckler and Cathy Goldman.

  • Young American nomads abroad, two Californians at home in a cave in Matala, Crete, includes Juan Proteus, Rick Heckler, Cathy Goldman, Bryony Craig, Steve and Nancy Giordano, others.
  • Yummy full page color ad for Hunt’s Snack Pack deserts (Eastern version).
  • Two page color Black & White Schotch whisky ad, one page is a full painting by Bert Silverman, framable.
  • “The Green Berets” with John Wayne.
  • Stewardess Nancy Jacquier and the Seaboard World Airlines plane forced down by Soviet MiG fighter planes.
  • Cool two page color International Paper Company featuring the box for shipping (and parking) the King Midget car.
  • Adolf Von Thadden, leader of Germany’s ultrarightist National Democratic party.
  • “The Lion in Winter.”
  • Pollsters now an active force in politics, Includes regular people Marvin and Evelyn Weed, Mrs. Dolores Jones, Dr. George Gallup, Oliver Quayle, Lou Harris, Arthur Mori, Mrs. Germano Lattanzio, many others.
  • Nice full page color Allantine Ale XXX ad with scuba diver art.
  • Big drive for foreign tourists, includes photos of Marco Tommasi, Norberto Alborghetti, others.
  • Mid-city mountain stream in Portland, Oregon, directed by landscape architect Lawrence Halprin.
  • David and Julie Eisenhower.
  • Miscellany – funny photo of a sheep with two small goats standing on top of it.
  • NOTE : Pages 9-10 do not exist in any copy I have seen, so they were probably an advertising insert card.
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