Life Magazine July 18, 1960 – Ina Balin


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Life Magazine Cover : Ina Balin, an early look at a star-to-be (on holiday in Bermuda).

  • Rather cute full page Band-Aids ad with father and son working on model sailboat.
  • Fun photos of people doing hand stands and walking on their hands, Wellesley, Massachusetts high school, Reb Moore, Berta De Fazio, Ronnie Peek, Skip Fumia, Ken La Borne, Nancy Critchlow, others.
  • Full page color Minute Maid orange Bar ad, looks sort of like a popsicle in a tube.
  • Communism’s take-over in Castro’s Cuba, includes photo of Che Guevara.
  • Divers probe the deep after a Navy blimp (airship) disaster off the coast of New Jersey’s Barnegat Inlet.
  • Chaos in the Congo.
  • Wild Newport stomp breaks up famous jazz festival.
  • Italy’s new ocean liner Leonardo da Vinci, great night time photo.
  • Trout fishing in artificial pool in Detroit at supermarket, includes photos of Linda Goldman.
  • Neat full page color Ethyl gasoline ad with photo of lighthouse at Fairport, Ohio.
  • Photo essay – family backyard pools.
  • Resort fashions – shirts for men.
  • Photo essay : In Asia, democracy and soldier bosses (Part V) – Generals in Thailand and Pakistan keep hope for self-government, lots of photos of Pakistanis, all men.
  • Wonderful artistic photos of Olympic athletes, including track and field events, Ed Bagdonas, Lee Calhoun, John Thomas, Don Bragg Bill Alley, Antony Watson.
  • One of mad Mitford sisters explains 25 years of life in the headlines.
  • Cute photo from bicycling trip of Troop 11 of the Covenant Baptist Church in Detroit, Boy Scouts.
  • Nice full page color International Trucks ad with blue and white pickup.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine July 18, 1960!
  • Antique magazines are packed with entertainment from cover to cover!
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