Life Magazine July 14, 1958 – Farming


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Life Magazine Cover : Best Wheat in a Lifetime from Oklahoma, Clarence Krigbaum near Hobart.  (Nice feature on farming inside, including Kansas farmer Paul Horsch and his huge family).

  • Mackinac Bridge connects Michigan over Lake Huron and Lake Michigan.
  • Full page color Best Foods mayonnaise ad with recipe for curious salad involving pears, tomatoes, cottage cheese and mayonnaise.
  • Captives in Cuba, photos by George Skadding.
  • Alaska is the last great US frontier – Bill O’Neill, Jim Beaver, Don Sheldon, Mike Stepovich, Bob Atwood, Rob Reeve.
  • High hopes for Hawaii – prepares to be the 50th state.
  • Sherman Adams and Tex McCrary go to Washington.
  • Baby Walrus is captured in Bering Sea and moved to Coney Island.
  • Full page color Philco TV ad.
  • William King, a young wood sculptor, makes human figures.
  • Shari Lewis and her puppets entertain us on Saturday TV.
  • The Vikings – a movie showing the battle between the English and the Vikings has Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis, great color photos.
  • Maurice Couve de Murville is Charles de Gaulle’s new aid.
  • Horserace photos – Hal’s Boy bites Alice Belle and causes a crash.
  • Blasting makes the St. Lawrence seaway more open – before and after photos.
  • Science nears a goal : a Bank of Vital Organs by Leonard Engel.
  • Fire ant plague spreads in the south – Alabama and Georgia.
  • Brazil’s president Juscelino Kubitschel de Oliveira dedicates new city as capital, Brasilia.
  • Back cover – ad for Coke with sailing theme.
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