Life Magazine July 14, 1941 – Sand Sailing


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Life Magazine Cover : Mary Toynton and Kay Lindsay of Baltimore – sand-sailing at Sea Island, Georgia.

  • Neat full page Agfa film with large photo of latin dance couple in frilly outfits.
  • Full page Insurance company of North America ad with Firemen.
  • Interesting little piece and photo about the German captain who sank the ZamZam, Captain Rogge.
  • A charming series of photos of young Celestine Jay Ku blowing bubbles.
  • Red Army battles to the death for survival of USSR.
  • Full page color Kellogg’s Corn Flakes ad with Swimmer Esther Williams, Dorothy Ring (flight instructor), Frank Polito, and Jack Simmons (Burlington railroad engineer).
  • Hyde Park Library opens.
  • US arrests 32 in great spy round-up, photos and names of all.
  • American on its 165th anniversary of independence – 4th of July celebrations. 
  • Reed College in Oregon has only girl coxswain, Mary Russell.
  • Bubble-blowing.
  • Full page color movie ad “The Shepherd of the Hills” starring John Wayne and Betty Field.
  • Marion Chadwick (with Wallace C. Miller and Ralph Dolk, also photos of her with her father).
  • Nice full page color DeSoto car ad with beach scene.
  • Alexander Kerensky, Russian exile, predicts speedy victory for Hitler.
  • German parachutist gives eyewitness account of invasion of Crete.
  • Photo essay – vacations.
  • Charming full page color early Coty perfume ad with lady on swing.
  • A Hollywood House moving,
  • Hedda Hopper.
  • Nice full page color Shell oil ad with highway next to Steamliner train tracks.
  • Full page color Pliofilm ad (Goodyear) – a plastic film for covering food.
  • Photo and caption pertaining to the defacing of monument to Charles Lindbergh in Lake Village, Arkansas.
  • And much more NEAT stuff in this Life Magazine July 14, 1941!
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