Life Magazine July 12, 1948 – Small Town Girl


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Life Magazine Cover : Small town girl, Pattie Nelson of Longmont, Colorado.

  • Super charming full page Arrow Shirts ad with man fighting off women after putting on an Arrow short – finally decides it’s less trouble to be a bachelor.
  • Half page Cream of Kentucky ad with color, art by Norman Rockwell.
  • Life round table on the pursuit of happiness.
  • Earthquake in Fukui, Japan.
  • Mountbattens bid farewell to India.
  • Jew fights Jew in Israel.
  • Memorial started for Chief Crazy Horse, Korczak Ziolkowski.
  • Diving school, Sparling School in Wilmington, California for deep sea divers.
  • Summer Lingerie.
  • “Queen of racing,” Mrs. Forrest Burright, 65 year-old harness racer.
  • Cyclotron magnet.
  • Business – Barbers’ lament – a comb that also trims hair.
  • Artist John Rogers Cox.
  • Cartoonist David Low looks at the G.O.P, caricatures of the Republican party.
  • Full page General Electric television ad with baseball theme and some odd looking combination television-radio-stereos.
  • Three weeks in Tito’s Yugoslavia.
  • Bright two page color movie poster ad for “Easter Parade” with Judy Garland and Fred Astaire.
  • Nice full page color Royal Crown cola ad with Ginger Rogers.
  • Nice photo essay about Longmont, Colorado, including photos of Betty Stanoff, Oneal Tucker, Craig and Bonnie Anderson, Warren Adams, and others.
  • Neat full page color Canadian Club whiskey ad with volcano Paricutin in Mexico.
  • A new kind of comb that also trims hair, the “Sta-Neet” but LIFE calls it the “Barbers’ Lament.”
  • Painter John Rogers Cox and his wheat fields.
  • Photo of the neatest ridge road ever as part of the article about the wedding of the Dame of Sark, a tiny island in the English Channel.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine July 12, 1948!
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