Life Magazine July 11, 1960 – Rockefeller


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Life Magazine Cover : Governor Nelson Rockefeller with his grandchildren.

  • Belgian Congo becomes independent, article includes a map of Africa with country names and status for independence – very different from today’s map.
  • Great full page color Friskies dog food ad with beagle in army helmet and dog tags.
  • A cute series of photos of toddler Clark McCombe.
  • Full page Walker’s de Luxe whiskey ad with photo of surfing.
  • Scandal at the Kenny Foundation.
  • Photo essay – sharks, including facts swimmers should know.
  • Another cute two page Volkswagen ad shows the current model and the oldest model (1945) – they look almost exactly the same.
  • Photo essay – the Rockefellers.
  • Nationwide response to the National Purpose series.
  • Survivor of Agadir earthquake finds her rescuer, follow-up to the Morocco story, Sue Martin.
  • Yummy looking ice cream pie with curious bouquet made with baby bottles, includes recipe – Gold Medal flour ad, full page color.
  • Feature on sharks : Creepy two page color art of huge shark lurking in wave, art by Augustu Peck (I think), other cool shark art and photos in the article, photos of attack survivors Suzanne Theriot, Eddie Dawkins, Douglas Lawton, Albert Kogler (dying).
  • Radio – Helen Trent goes off the air after 27 years.
  • Alfred Hitchcock appears as phantom face in the foliage.
  • A doctor and engineer devise artificial organs that allow mortals to function in space, Cyborg science – Nathan Kline and Manfred Clynes, art by Fred Freeman.
  • Prisca Bunau-Varilla gives a party, daughter of the French Ambassador.
  • Funny photo from wedding of Sandra and Sydney Leslie, with toddler Howard Kruger crawling under skirts of bride.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine July 11, 1960!
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