Life Magazine July 10, 1964 – Oswald Diary


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Life Magazine Cover : Lee Harvey Oswald and Marina with pages from his diary from Russia, published in full.

  • Literary sleuth Hamblin argues that Samuel Clemens didn’t write Twain books, Longfellow did.
  • Full page Remington razor ad with letterĀ  from 101st Airborne Sergeant Martin Hayes of Ft. Campbell, Kentucky.
  • Two Air Force planes collide over the Atlantic.
  • Wonder Drug DMSO, claims to be good for arthritis, sinusitis, headaches, earaches, sprains and burns, swellings, suppresses blisters, kills pain.
  • Beauty of shells, photo essay by Nina Leen, great oversized images in rich color.
  • The worldwide uproar over topless swimsuits.
  • MacArthur’s reminiscences, Part 5.
  • Rick Reichardt, $200,000 bonus is record for this baseball kid going off to the Los Angeles Angels.
  • Robert Rauschenberg wins Venice Biennale and starts the “pop art” movement.
  • Full page color Western Electric ad shows hundreds of tiny current control dots for telephones fitting in a thimble.
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