Life Magazine January 9, 1956 – Riviera Fashions


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Life Magazine Cover : Riviera fashions the pajama top jacket.

  • Full page color Buick Estate Wagon ad.
  • Full page color Post Toasties at with art by W Darrow Sr.
  • Russians lionize “Porgy and Bess” cast photos by Edward Clark.
  • Floods ravage California and Oregon.
  • Bermuda skindiver Teddy Tucker finds a rich treasure trove.
  • Dr. Paul Horst predicts student grades like horses.
  • Sunny style on the Riviera photos by Mark Shaw.
  • Airborne Aerodyne designs by Alexander Lippisch, wingless aircraft flies.
  • Top price for racehorse Nashua – $1,251,200.
  • A 250th birthday for Ben Franklin – new discoveries about his life, personal letters, artwork and writings.
  • Full page color Jell-o ad with King and throne theme.
  • Thomas Colt Jr. and the triumphant horse from China.
  • Konrad Adenaur still leads West Germany.
  • Full page color Shell Motor Oil ad with art by M Ramus.
  • Charlie Chaplin and his dancing daughter Josephine.
  • Lilian Roth’s comeback from alcoholism makes a good movie – I’ll Cry Tomorrow.
  • Air Force cadets hold first formal dance – Zaleski, Thom Schlechte, Cadet Van Haaften.
  • Great photo of giraffe kissing a man – Soeren and Andreas Olsen.
  • Back cover – full page color Camel ad featuring celebrities – Brian Keith, Rise Stevens, Claire L Chennault, Marguerite Higgings, WM. H. Brockman.
  • Full page color Paul Jones whiskey ad with ski tuning theme.
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