Life Magazine January 9, 1950 – Norma De Landa


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Life Magazine Cover : Norma De Landa.

  • Color Movie ad – The man on the Eiffel Tower with Charles Laughton.
  • Striking full page color Oldsmobile Whirlaway ad where they liken the car to a rocket.
  • Corn Product Refining Company factory with no walls, Corpus Christi, Texas.
  • Full page color movie poster for “The man on the Eiffel Tower” starring Charles Laughton and others.
  • Horrifying photo of a fatal car accident during Better Driving Committee demonstration.
  • Famous scientists gather in New York, JR Dunning, CNH Long, Dwight J Ingle, Amado Ayson, Al Kroeber, Margaret Mead.
  • The Meaning of Einstein’s new theory by Lincoln Barnett.
  • The liberation of Angus Ward, who was the US consul general in Mukden.
  • OK – Here is one of those stories that is a bit charming as “history,” but quickly gets less so when you think about it – Christmas tree sets fire to the town of Handyman, Pennsylvania.
  • Charming full page color Kotex ad with sledding theme, art by Tom Hall.
  • Movie review of “The Bicycle Thief” with Lamberto Maggiorani.
  • The Helioplane, takes off from a tennis court, and the pedalcopter, new air plane and hot air balloon.
  • Full page movie poster ad for “Battleground” that is mostly words.
  • The drama of Mexico, 14 pages of photos by Leonard McCombe, includes Vera Cruz, Tepozotlan, Guanajuato, Mitla, Atotonilco, Mexico City, more.
  • Dog psychiatrist Clarence Harbison.
  • Charming piece of language of gestures, not sign language.
  • Jeweled shoes.
  • Elephant seal comeback off the coast of California, near extinction.
  • Full page color US Army recruiting poster.
  • A visit to the High School of Performing Art in New York City.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine January 9, 1950!
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