Life Magazine January 5, 1959 – China


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Life Magazine Cover : New generation Chinese in anti-US rally.

  • Record snowfall in Oswego, New York, photos by Townsfolk’s Mrs. John Cooney, Mrs. Helen Murray, Thomas Budd and many others.
  • Correction to assertion in LIFE December 1, 1958 of the first plane – train crash, a reader sent in a photo showing a similar crash in 1929, Colonial Western Airways.
  • Full page color Kraft Caramels ad with Li’l Abner by Al Capp.
  • Dwight Eisenhower gives his 1958 Christmas greeting literally through an Atlas ICBM in orbit, opens a new era of satellite communications, includes very nice photo of Ed Oleksiak family of Hamtramck, Michigan, others.
  • Squirrel Monkey “Old Reliable” goes into orbit in Atlas rocket.
  • More trouble in Argentina even though Peron has been deposed and is gone.
  • Laurance Rockefeller opens a resort hotel in Puerto Rico.
  • Ad – full page color for Boeing 707 and 720 features knitting.
  • Chattanooga students learn math while playing hopscotch.
  • Curious full page color ad for Stutz Bearcat featuring Mr. Martin McMartin St Martin III wearing an odd cape.
  • Tammy Grimes kooky girls on Broadway – Let’s take a walk around the block.
  • Young and Old join in “The great leap forward” in Communist China – everyone works.
  • Misery, Oppression, fear inside China’s Communes by James Bell.
  • 80th wedding anniversary for Peter and Celestia Peterson, Fairview, Utah.
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