Life Magazine January 27, 1958 – St. Moritz


Magazine Condition :
(All Good, but has a mild water mark in two page margins)
Fair (Generally Good, but cover and spine margin has some pink transfer.  This copy includes a surprise bonus!)
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Life Magazine Cover : Michele de Kramer of Paris at St. Moritz (fashion article, some ski wear).

  • Great series of photos of blond girl and a group of men on bridge in Stockholm.
  • Nice full page Imperial whiskey ad with theme of packing car for a ski trip, well done.
  • Peoria, Illinois and the Recession, photos include William Naumann with unsold Caterpillar tractors, unemployment lines, the bar across the street from the Caterpillar plant, Bonnilyn Mackoway, Wayne War, Betsy Ann Ward, Lily Irrera, Leroy Avery, Roy Goodman, Bill Bailey, Joe Haefelin, Marion Maple, others.
  • Part III: “The Russian Revolution” – The revolution starts, art by Morton Roberts.
  • North Carolina Native Americans break up Ku Klux Klan’s anti-Indian meeting, good for them! – with big photo of Charlie Warriax and Simeon Oxendine.
  • A bad earthquake in Arequipa, Peru.
  • Full page pink Scott toilet tissue ad along the lines of the famous Modess couture ads.
  • Jayne Mansfield is wed under glass, you will have to read to see who her 100 closest friends were.
  • Lyrebird.
  • Full page color ad Dodge Sierra Wagon in tan and beige.
  • Nice full page color ad for De Soto, white with red interior, with LOTS of sailors.
  • Lovely full page color Friskies dog food ad with little girl and big dog of the Shaggy Dog variety, art by Douglass Crockwell.
  • The hunt for a new football coach for Texas A & M.
  • Full page Massachusetts Mutual insurance ad with art by Norman Rockwell.
  • Full article about parents who interfere too much in their children’s lives, such as stage moms, sports dads, art by Whitney Darrow Jr.
  • Unusual page and a half L&M cigarettes ad with ski theme, nice.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine January 27, 1958!
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