Life Magazine January 24, 1949 – Skier Allais


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Life Magazine Cover : Emile Allais, great French skier.

*** Emile Allais died October 17, 2012 … at the age of 100! 

  • Cute full page Listerine ad with girl turning down a date over the telephone.
  • Nice full page Pullman trains ad.
  • Nice group of photos of active Americans over 100 years of age : Nathaniel Vickers, Floence E. Dolph, Edward Van Duyne, Matilda Hull Perley, Charles W. Bailey, Wiley W. Wilcox, Henry M. Roe, Theodore A. Penland.
  • Pretty full page color Revlon ad for Aquamarine lotion.
  • Well-fed starlet romps in snow, Cleo Moore in California.
  • Garry Davis cult spreads in Europe.
  • Widow of lynch victim sobs out her grief, Amy Mallard in Lyons, Georgia – jury found white men not guilty, shame on the jury.
  • Census tryout is held in Indiana, includes photos of Gwenn Brandenburg, Eugene Klein, Robert Reed, Albert Geis, John Carson and others.
  • Close-up – Nehru.
  • Photo essay – Williams college, many great college photos.
  • Mary McCarty, actress.
  • Unfolding house designed by Carl Koch and produced by Acorn Houses.
  • Sports – the Allais method of skiing comes to the US, including great series of photos of Christiana turn and other technique shots. 
  • New Puerto Rico.
  • Sid McMath, Arkansas’ smart new governor.
  • Tombs in Eridu, Iraq.
  • Life visits Charles Laughton and his wife Elsa Lanchester.
  • Nice full page color Maxwell House coffee ad with skiing, ski hill theme.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine January 24, 1949!
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