Life Magazine January 20, 1961 – Surgeon


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Life Magazine Cover : A surgeon pits his skill against cancer.

  • Feature article, doctor name has been been changed to ” Matthews” for the story, photos by Elliott Erwitt.
  • Pictorial essay – Civil War, Part 2 – The great battles in paintings by LIFE artists (see also January 6, 1961).
  • Touring Russian gymnasts in the US, Muriel Grossfeld, Larisa Latynina.
  • Absolutely super gorgeous full page color Cadillac ad with green Coupe de Ville.
  • Actors for “Swiss Family Robinson” have great time on Tobago.
  • The Jackie look – first lady sets a new national style, including Jackie look-alike models Jeani Kitchens, Joanne Hilem, Dorothea McCarthy, and Eugenia McLin.
  • Oleg Cassini is designer to the First Lady.
  • Prank, riot and shock on Georgia campus.
  • Big league spy case in Britain, ” The Five.”
  • A club rebuked for bigotry, Scarsdale Golf Club, New York suburb.
  • Cute Life Savers candy ad with candies in the shape of a fish.
  • Funny photo of Philip Laffin in Ellsworth, Maine getting his mail delivered to his teeth like a dog with a newspaper.
  • Disney makes a movie of ” The Swiss Family Robinson.”
  • Cute full page Falcon car ad with football theme.
  • Back cover Coca-cola ad with ice skaters.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine January 20, 1961!
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