Life Magazine January 20, 1958 – Lyndon Johnson


Magazine Condition :
Very Good

(All Good, but has small library stamps throughout, and a number of bent corners)

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Life Magazine Cover : Lyndon Johnson, Chairman of the Senate Preparedness Subcommittee, talks with newspapermen.

  • Neat full page 1 color ad for One-a-day vitamins.
  • Super excellent full page color Bell Telephone ad with little girl, telephone doll, art by Pete Hawley.
  • Charming photos of Italian Luisa Pierotti laughing.
  • Nice full page AC Spark Plugs ad with car at gas station, skis on top, humorous.
  • Part II – ‚ÄúRussian Revolution.”
  • Upheaval in Venezuela, dictator Jimenez has new cabinet, art by Alton S. Tobey.
  • Photo of crash of Air Force airplane KC-97 in Florida Everglades swamp – interesting story.
  • Photo of huge tires at Clintonville, Wisconsin, used to haul fuel over rough terrain.
  • Three mothers go to Red China to see captive sons, Mrs. Philip Fecteau, Mrs. Ruth Redmond, Mrs. Mary Downey.
  • Photo essay – A candid look at two great resorts, Miami and Palm Beach.
  • Proposals for a nuclear-powered airplane.
  • Full page color Walker’s DeLuxe whiskey ad, art by Ludwig Bemelmans.
  • 1917 University of North Carolina basketball team.
  • Teacher Vincent Corsall of Oswego, New York is fired for odd reason.
  • New kinds of wallpaper.
  • Trying to save sick penguins in Portland, Oregon.
  • Theater – The Music Man.
  • The bag dress.
  • Dance lessons for blind girls, St. Francis Episcopal Church in Levittown, Long Island, Frances Chambers.
  • Funny photo – No visible means of support.
  • Nice two page color ad Buick B-58 car in blue.
  • Full page Avis Rent-A-Car color ad.
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