Life Magazine January 1995 – Year 1994 in Pictures


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Life Magazine Cover : Jackie Kennedy, 1929-1994.

  • Collector’s Edition : Life remembers 1994, the year in pictures.
  • Los Angeles earthquake, two page photo of the Santa Monica Freeway, California.
  • Richard M. Nixon.
  • Winter Olympics, Nancy Kerrigan and Tony Harding, ice skaters.
  • Gay rights – photo of the mile long rainbow unity flag.
  • Deaf Heather Whitestone is the new Miss America.
  • President Mandela.
  • World Cup.
  • Charles & Princess Diana, a couple candid photos.
  • U.S. in Haiti.
  • Woodstock, the sequel, great two page muddy photo.
  • War in Rwanda.
  • Jessica Tandy.
  • Burt Lancaster.
  • Runner Wilma Rudolph.
  • Full page color Golf photo of Tip O’Neill.
  • Baseball strike.
  • Kids who kill.
  • Chemist Linus Pauling.
  • Actress Melina Mercouri – nice two page color photo.
  • Boxer George Foreman.
  • Actor John Candy.
  • Power rangers.
  • NOTE : Central pull-out Microsoft ad takes the place of pages 55-62. It is not always present, please ask ahead of time if you need it.
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