Life Magazine January 19, 1948 – Violinist


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Life Magazine Cover : Violinist Marcia Van Dyke.

  • Full page color General Electric radio ad with Hollace Shaw.
  • Full page color 7up ad with family and model train set – they look too clean to be real!
  • Painter Esta Cosgrave paints people as their own ancestors, in old style to provide “ancestor portraits” for the wall.  A photographer in Salida, Colorado does the same with tintypes – really neat!
  • Palestinian and Jewish soldiers fight in Palestine (Israel was not yet a proclaimed country), many different photos.
  • A truly painful photo of poor Joseph Gandola (Paterson, New Jersey), not only was he a survivor of Infantile paralysis (polio), but he slipped on ice and impaled his hand on a iron fence picket..
  • Small photo of Charles A. Lindbergh at the Tokyo Haneda airfield.
  • Miss Paris, Kay Trevil, marries American Ray Mack.
  • Family basketball, Wilson, North Carolina, each of 13 teams came from a single family, including Moore, Clark, Hooloman, Dildy, Smith.
  • Super nice full page color Calvert Reserve whiskey ad with St. Bernard dogs, set set and ski area, art by Tom Lovell.
  • Lauren Bacall – profile and movie – To Have and Have Not.
  • Orange blight in California.
  • Bird Counters and the National Audubon Society, Christmas bird count.
  • The art of Egypt – great photos and illustrations.
  • 10 best dressed women of the year.
  • Bad weather in Hancock, New Hampshire – lots of photos, including Evalina Reavely, Marie Champagne, Julius Pickering, full page cross country skiing photo.
  • The failure of Marxism by John Dos Passos.
  • Vaudeville performers still around on Broadway – Moran and Riley.
  • Extraordinarily bright full page color Shell ad with ice-covered airplane against desert background.
  • Super full page color Kotex ad with ski lodge scene, art by Tom Hall.
  • Humorous piece on new air force “uniform” with big pockets for flight pay and more, Fred L. Walker, Charles G. Micheau.
  • Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with hockey player Cal Gardner.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine January 19, 1948!
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