Life Magazine January 11, 1960 – Dina Merrill


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(All Very Good, but has library stamps)

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Life Magazine Cover : Dina Merrill – actress, socialite and springtime model.

  • The Evil domain of world crime by Herbert Brean – Part I.
  • Richard Nixon and Nelson Rockefeller in the primaries.
  • President Eisenhower starts a busy year.
  • Ad – full page color for V-8 juice.
  • Ad – full page color for Tang.
  • Bobby Darin profile by Shana Alexander.
  • Walter Williams dies – last Confederate soldier.
  • Shah of Iran wedding in Tehran.
  • Brawling battle of hard noses – Ben Schwartzwalder, football, Cotton bowl, Syracuse vs. Texas, including wedding photo of Ger Schwedes and Bob Yates and wives Lou Personius and Sarah Morrison.
  • Stone age ship coffins found in Sarawak Borneo cave.
  • Charlotte Ford debut costs $290.000 – big party.
  • Two page aerial photo of willow tree wind breaks around farm near Benton Harbor, Michigan.
  • Lovely full page color Lark car ad with blue car on small car ferry.
  • Full page color LUX soap ad with Janet Leigh.
  • International crime, including prostitution in Beruit, narcotics, counterfeiting, auto parts, more – Interpol.
  • Photo of Charlie Chaplin’s family with new baby.
  • Curious full page 7-up ad with several musical instruments in one.
  • Full page color Royal Crown cola ad with ski theme (ski poles, fur parka)
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