Life Magazine February 8, 1963 – Greek drama


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Life Magazine Cover : Statue of muse of tragedy with a theatrical mask.

  • Greece, Part 3 – soaring thought, stark drama.
  • 1963 – most savage winter of the century, photos from England, Bavaria, Paris, Lake Superior, South Dakota, Henderson New York, Japan, Moscow.
  • Old grad paratrooper, Elliott Chaze returns to Fort Benning, Georgia.
  • Dead man at the controls, Lester Peterson has to land a plane when the pilot Edgar Van Keuren dies, passengers Lester Laun and John Pawlack, Cessna 180, Wyoming.
  • We call on Cuba, LIFE photographer and correspondent get unexpected tour of Havana courtesy of Castro.
  • South Carolina’s Clemson College integrates.
  • Iran’s Shah seeks and gets public support.
  • Robert Frost is dead – some last stanzas.
  • Antiradiation candy, Dr. Michael Ash of Sussex, England invents iodine, strontium and potassium lollipops to counter growing radiation threat throughout the world.
  • Gregory Peck and the child actors of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” Mary Badham, Phillip Alford.
  • Young actors winning kudos, Janet Margolin, Keir Dullea, Patricia Gozzi.
  • Dr. Jonas Salk’s splendid adventure, unique institute for biological studies.
  • Walt Schoenknecht breaks ski tradition at Mt. Snow.
  • The fabulous Lilly dress.
  • Inside back cover full page color Canadian club adventure ad, Eric Haller tries a mid-air somersault on skis.
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