Life Magazine February 7, 1955 – Hinduism


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Life Magazine Cover : Vigil at Indian festival of lights, Gita Mehta.

  • World’s great religions, Part 1 – Hinduism.
  • Very nice two page color 1955 Ford ad with many different cars : Fairlane series, Customline series, Mainline series, Station wagon series.
  • Full page color Pepsi-Cola ad with art by Len Steckler.
  • Faces of the Formosan crisis.
  • F-84 Thunderjet takes off from special launching truck, a mobile tiny airfield.
  • The amazing Serge Manuel Rubinstein, man of many talents, most of them shady.
  • Neat photo of runner Mal Whitfield doing a stretch.
  • An American Bittern (bird) in New York City.
  • Full page photo of a retrospectively horrible ice-skating costume made the 546 white fox tails!
  • Age of the A-plane – US moves ahead on atom-powered flight.
  • Building to be built in Grand Junction, Colorado, for Lucien Cullen and Welborn Foreman, will pivot to avoid sun, architect Jared Morse.
  • Charming story about Barney, a pet moose, Marvin Mayfield family in British Columbia.
  • Age of the atomic plane, illustrated by Rolf Klep.
  • Vladimir Dedijer, Yugoslavian war hero, his sad downfall.
  • Feature article on bowling, includes Joe Kristof, Dorothy Crouch, Merle Matthews, Sylvia Wene, Ed Lubanski, Marion Ladewig.
  • Nice two page color Oldsmobile ad with three cars.
  • Nice full page color movie poster ad for Jane Russell in “Underwater!”
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine February 7, 1955!
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