Life Magazine February 3, 1941 – Goebbels and Goring


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Life Magazine Cover : Propaganda Minister Goebbels and Field Marshal Goring.

  • News of the War from inside Germany, Part 1 by William L. Shirer.
  • Photo essay – Man of God, the life of a typical US parson, Edwin A. Briggs.
  • Photos of crazy “weapons” invented by American citizens in response to the war, including Henry Fluer, Leslie Crosby, Coy Rigsby, Harry Bateson and others.
  • California students burn “Jeanie with the light brown hair” – ASCAP and BMI.
  • 10,000 civilian spotters ward off mock air invasion of US.
  • President Roosevelt is inaugurated for a third term.
  • Colored stockings.
  • Chemist converts vegetables into coal and petroleum.
  • A catalog of portrait painters and what they charge.
  • Army wind tunnel nears completion at Wright Field.
  • War inventions – pictures.
  • A Farewell party at Arkansas Tech for 104 students on eve of their departure for Army training.
  • New battleship “King George V” photos – brings ambassador.
  • Nice full page Oldsmobile car ad with red 4-door sedan.
  • Curious full page ad for long distance telephone service, American telephone and telegraph company.
  • Cutest photos of Emile the dog carefully springing a mouse trap to get the cheese.
  • And much more NEAT stuff in this Life Magazine February 3, 1941!
  • Vintage magazines are fun from cover to cover!
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