Life Magazine February 28, 1944 – Ella Raines


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Life Magazine Cover : Ella Raines, star of the Movie Phantom Lady, and more.

  • Lincoln Day.
  • Nice full page color Pontiac – General Motors ad with anti-aircraft gun and denuded jungle scene.
  • Happy and colorful full page 7-up ad with family members all looking so happy it is hard to believe.
  • Chaplin is fingerprinted.
  • Typhus in Naples, photos of delousing and more.
  • Bombing of Berlin.
  • Yugoslav children in Egypt.
  • A chapter from “The Republic” by Charles A. Beard.
  • Close-up – Lepke.
  • Photo essay – Fun in Mexico.
  • D.F. Perspective maps of World battle areas.
  • Ella Raines, a movie star working for her college diploma.
  • Pictures – Railroad freight car emblems.
  • Best boxer dog, Warlord of Mazelaine and his home life with Mr. Richard C. Kettler, Jr.
  • January 1944 in the United States.
  • Red Cross girls in England, including Katherine Spaatz, Virginia Sherwood, Dorothy Myrick, and Julia Townsend.
  • Neat full page color Lee work clothes ad with railroad engineer.
  • Nice full page color Pullman railroad ad with scene from India with cow laying in the road.
  • Neat full page color Electric boat company ad with submarine.
  • Full page movie poster ad for “Standing Room Only” starring Paulette Goddard and Fred MacMurray with color.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine February 28, 1944!
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