Life Magazine February 2, 1959 – Idol Boone


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Life Magazine Cover : Pat Boone, million dollar idol.

  • Article on Pat Boone includes cute photo of all six of his family members on a single bicycle built for two.
  • Ad – full page B&W Simca from Paris.
  • Regina Fisher, photo contest winner who appeared on the cover of LIFE November 26, 1951– takes charming photos of her daughter Jennie Petrencs.
  • Castro’s Cuba trials – Sosa Blanco trial.
  • Cecil De Mille’s legacy of epics – The Squaw Man, The Ten Commandments, The Crusades, includes Jessie Lasky.
  • Charming full page color Buster Brown shoes ad with art by Alex Ross.
  • Aerial photo of flooded railroad yards at Meadville, story also includes the Anthracite coal mine in Pittston, Pennsylvania which was flooded when a river broke into it, huge whirlpool where river is dropping into mine.
  • Swift winter thaw of Allegheny River floods Freeport, Pennsylvania.
  • Denver stock show queen Judy Johnston, champion red angus Red Dog, Shawn Madden.
  • John D. Rockefeller IV – lives a studious life in Tokyo.
  • Ad – full page color for Oasis cigarettes with Joshua tree.
  • New breeds at the Westminster dog show – Pulis, Lhasa apsos, Salukis, Affenpinschers, many pages of champion dogs.
  • New power sources – atomic energy for satellites.
  • Scary, sappy life of nation’s ski maniacs, includes ski patrol, E. Daniel Buttner, Mardy Reker – by Marshall Smith, illustrations by Robert Osborn.
  • Stormy future for Africa – Part II.
  • Wiley T. Buchanan Jr. is the new US protocol chief.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine February 2, 1959!
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