Life Magazine February 1996 – Astronaut McAuliffe


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Life Magazine Cover : Astronaut Christa McAuliffe.

  • Two page color Chevrolet Astro ad with maroon ad and facing page photo of very muddy young soccer players.
  • Two page color travel ad for Texas featuring Roderick Blake, the Santa Elena canyon in Big Bend, bluebonnets, and more.
  • Page and a half photo of the very pleased looking Esad Pitic and Senada Karcic at their marriage in Bosnia-Herzegovina, guns in evidence.
  • Charming two page photo of little boys in sumo garb trying to move a real sumo wrestler.
  • Great color photo of the Talent, Oregon fire department posing in front of a burning house.
  • Too funny, a leisure suit convention in Iowa, includes John Mozena, M.G. Trickey and others.
  • Ten years after our worst space disaster, family and friends remember the lost heroes of the shuttle Challenger.
  • Our greatest sports pictures.
  • Master of Jazz – includes fantastic four page fold-out photo (named) with MANY jazz artists.
  • Descendants of the illustrious and the notorious, includes Zapata, Stalin, Franklin, Zeppelin, Gandhi, Columbus, Jefferson.
  • A dangerous peace is established in Bosnia, Shirley Gaulden, Martin Begosh, Tim Lamb, others.
  • Portrait : Bob Dole.
  • Great full page color photo of Kevin Newton doing a karate stunt breaking blocks.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine February 1996!
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