Life Magazine February 18, 1957 – Julie London


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Life Magazine Cover : Actress Julie London makes comeback by exploiting her appealing singing voice.

  • Utah convicts riot, take visiting basketball players hostage for 12-hours.
  • Report on atomic energy progress with photos from Colorado, New Mexico, Canada and Utah.
  • Photos of the Bolshoi pre-ballet in England.
  • Photo essay – Early retirement for men in their 40s and 50s, Joel Brecheen, Arthur and Kathryn Lynch, Joseph and Jeanne Wertz, Allen and Mildred Cook, Warren Rice, Bruff Olin, Edward Dobson.
  • A balloon becomes the world’s first portable building.
  • Prehistoric paintings in the Sahara, beautiful full page color photos.
  • New sights on the slopes : resorts add fancy touches to handle swarms of skiers, fashion and fake snow.
  • Bob Feller talks about LIFE, photo at Yankee Stadium.
  • Canadian Prime Minister, Louis St. Laurent, celebrates happy birthday.
  • A warm winter wrap : encase your house in Bakelite.
  • Two-page “Whale of a Coffee Sale” chase & Sanborn ad featuring Art Linkletter and Tennessee Ernie Ford.
  • Two page Hotpoint wonderinse washer ad, very colorful.
  • Make sure your chicken is Acronized, full page color American Cyanamid ad for Acronized poultry.
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