Life Magazine February 15, 1960 – Bathyscaph


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Life Magazine Cover : Undersea adventures in the Trieste bathyscaphe – 7 miles down.  We looked up the difference between a bathyscaphe and a submarine.  While the Trieste was not tethered, it also did not have self-propulsion, so it seems to fall between the two.

  • Nice full page color Avon cosmetics ad with a number of different fancy products.
  • The Finch affair – Bernard Finch murders Barbara Finch, includes Carole Tregoff.
  • Eric Ambler writes about the Finch-Tregoff murder trial, spectator Mary Schufelt has a mild heart attack but says “save my place in line.”
  • Anastas Mikoyan visits Cuba.
  • Mrs. Paulius Leonas gets her daughters back.
  • The huge BMEWS antenna in Thule, Greenland, Ballistic Missile Early Warning System.
  • Frank Howard, baseball player, profile by Marshall Smith, great photos.
  • Ad – color two page for Pan Am showing dozens of their jets around the world.
  • Movie – “Our Man in Havana” with Alec Guiness.
  • Kaleidoscope of US Poetry – Edwin Arlington Robinson, Edna St. Vincent Millay, John Peale Bishop, Robert Frost, Archibald MacLeish, Robinson Jeffers.
  • Designers borrow the Kimono fashion.
  • Abominable Snowman in Tibet – new clues.
  • US Marines train at Squaw Valley ski area – they are foot packing ski slopes for the upcoming Olympics.
  • Jimmy Porter takes miracle pill – Temaril for chicken pox, part of a story on pharmaceuticals, prescription drugs.
  • Eli Lily tests with rabbits.
  • Nice full page color Ruppert Knickerbocker beer ad with skis and après skiers.
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