Life Magazine February 10, 1958 – FDR


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Life Magazine Cover : F.D.R., as acted by Ralph Bellamy.

  • Teenager becomes mass killer : 19 rear-old Charles Starkweather kills 11 in Lincoln, Nebraska, Marion and Velda Bartlett, Robert Colvert, August Meyer, Betty Jean Fugate, Carol King, Robert Jensen, Merle Collison, others.
  • Charming full page Hallmark Cards ad with little boy giving valentine to his teacher.
  • Extremely curious full page Sugar Information ad about calories and weight loss.
  • Letter and photos pertaining to Rose Cohen hearing her tape-recorded voice for the first time.
  • Heartwarming little story about a stranded dog getting rescued out of flood waters of the Delaware River at Trenton, New Jersey, Edward Jones did the rescuing, good man.
  • Divers at Pitcairn Island find the anchor from the famous Bounty ship.
  • Two page color Canadian Club whiskey in a less cheesy style, about climbing the rope into an already airborne hot-air balloon, good photos of Francis Shields.
  • Jupiter C satellite launched.
  • Photo essay – The skier’s own world : Sun Valley, Idaho and Alta, Utah.
  • The need for nuclear tests.
  • Photo essay – sad degeneration of our dogs, effects of over-breeding or bad breeding.
  • Principal George Goldfarb jumps to death, John Marshall Junior High School in Brooklyn – there was a rash of violence in schools and a rape occurred in his school (not one of the most violent) and the inquiry apparently hounded him to death.
  • Funny photo – Bubble trouble in the choir : Robin Everett of Los Altos, California.
  • Two page color ad for Fords’ family of new cars.
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