Life Magazine Fall 2003 – JFK Memorial


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Life Magazine Cover : John F. Kennedy Memorial edition reprint.

  • 40th Anniversary Commemorative Reprint Edition.
  • This is an exact reprint of Life Magazine December 14, 1963, a JFK Special Issue – 1963 : John F. Kennedy Memorial edition.
  • The original cover is repeated inside full size.
  • Including his biography and his most enduring words.
  • It starts with the words – The President’s Empty Chair, a stark phrase.
  • Lots of photos, including the inside of the car with a flower bouquet, the film frames of the shooting, sad photos of Jackie smeared with blood, JFK as a youth, on the campaign path, the funeral, military men around the casket in the Great Rotunda, Arlington, Lyndon Johnson, Lee Harvey Oswald, funeral of J. D. Tippit, much more.
  • No ads.
  • See also LIFE Magazine Winter 1988 for another reprint of this issue, this one for the 25th anniversary.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine Fall 2003!
  • Antique magazines are packed with entertainment from cover to cover!
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