Life Magazine December 8, 1958 – Society Leaders’


Magazine Condition : Fair (All Good, but has small library stamps)

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Life Magazine Cover : Young women leaders of the New York Society.

  • Two page full color Wrisley Cosmetics ad.
  • Full page color Revere Electric Eye-Matic cameras ad.
  • Full page color ad for 1959 Oldsmobile with the Linear Look.
  • Soeren Poulsen makes his own miniature world in Denmark.
  • Small investors on Wall Street – Edna Beattie, Bob Muir, Kelly Slaughter, Lyle Fackler, Harry Nichelson, Alice Watson, Arthur Weisenberger.
  • Air Force falcon football mascot – George Nolde, Mike Quinlan, Coach Ben Martin.
  • Full color two Ford Galaxie ad.
  • Jekyll Island, Georgia party features Governor Marvin Griffin and Maurice Ruddick, for survivors of Springhill mine disaster in Nova Scotia, nice party, but they segregated the one negro miner and his family (!).
  • Nelson Rockefeller visits his farms in Venezuela.
  • Egyptian cat sculpture from 2500 years ago is in display in New York Metropolitan Museum.
  • Robert Dhery and Colette Brosset in the Broadway play “La Plume de ma Tante.”
  • Full page color Swank ad.
  • Astronauts David Clark, Scott Crossfield in training.
  • Child’s eye view of a fairy tale world – children illustrate the tales of Hans Christian Andersen, Vittorio Ottaviani, Francoise Ruiz, Bernad de Villedary, Bill Hoffman.
  • Young artists from Italy – Federico Moroni, Peppino Guidi, Tvo Anelli.
  • Donald Deskey designs model aluminum furniture.
  • Barbara Graham played by Susan Hayward in “I want to live” – gas chamber drama.
  • Puccini operas – Madame Butterfly, Boheme, Mimi, Aida in New York City Opera.
  • Charity and Elegant entertaining at the Waldorf with Clyde Newhouse, Mrs. Comer Jennings, Mrs. Henry Lewis III, Emory Reisinger II, Porfirio Rubirosa – charity balls.
  • Charles de Gaulle and his lonely country by Romain Gary.
  • John Nance Garner has an 80th birthday.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine December 8, 1958!
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