Life Magazine December 8, 1941 – MacArthur


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Life Magazine Cover : Commander of Far East, Douglas MacArthur.

  • Pictures – Times Square at night.
  • Nice half page Flexible flier sled and skis ad.
  • Striking full page color Forstmann woolens ad with white and black outfit.
  • Full page color Capehart phonograph ad with Star Song, Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah, by Franklin Watkins.
  • Nice full page Sunbeam kitchen appliances ad.
  • Super full page color Coty makeup ad showing LOTS of different makeup gift sets with boxes.
  • Lee Sink weeps for wife beside ashes of Roanoke, Virginia home.
  • Photos of Times Square at night.
  • Sinking of American Merchant ship “Lehigh”.
  • Snowy death in Chilean Andes – avalanches at Caracoles and plane crash.
  • Just plain wonderful full page color Coca-Cola ad with Santa Claus.
  • Traffic jam outside Baltimore Martin bomber plant, cars workers drove plus house trailers other workers are living in.
  • Photo essay – US Navy Air force.
  • Close-up – MacArthur.
  • Police sponsored binge tests drunken driving.
  • The book “Journey for Margaret” about British child refugee come to the States, now with Bill and Katherine White.
  • Movie – Dumbo.
  • Wild turkeys.
  • Doris Lee offers southern Negro as source of fashion inspiration.
  • And much more NEAT stuff in this Life Magazine December 8, 1941!
  • Vintage magazines are fun from cover to cover!
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