Life Magazine December 7, 1942 – Marine Pilot


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Life Magazine Cover : Major John L. Smith, Marine squadron commander flyer – he shot down 19 Jap planes in 46 days.

  • Here is a striking ad, full page, rather bare Bell Telephone ad “War needs the wires this Christmas” … (so please don’t make long distance telephone calls).
  • Lily Pons carries fighting French flag.
  • Captain Rickenbacker and crew recuperate on Pacific Isle.
  • Boston Holocaust.
  • Deaf people sing national anthem.
  • War metals – photo essay.
  • Torpedo bomber planes.
  • Copacabana girls on Broadway.
  • Edward Laning paints Santa Fe railway at war.
  • Gould Mansion.
  • Neat full page color North American Aviation ad with Bombers in ice.
  • Two page Consolidated aircraft ad, Liberator, Coronado and Catalina.
  • Cute full page color Model smoking tobacco ad.
  • Prison war workers build ships and produce war goods.
  • Captain Smith and his fighting 223.
  • British strip-tease tells how to save fuel.
  • Fighting day at an Airdrome.
  • Santa Fe railway at war, painted by Edward Laning.
  • Neat half page color Texaco ad with Football coach Fred Allen.
  • Full page color Old South Toiletries ad – lots of cosmetics products pictured.
  • Feature on War Metals, mining vanadium, molybdenum, mercury, lead and zinc, includes Climax Molybdenum, Leadville smelter, Colorado, Frank Dewey near San Francisco, Benbow mine for chromium, more.
  • And much more NEAT stuff in this Life Magazine December 7, 1942!
  • Vintage magazines are fun from cover to cover!
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