Life Magazine December 6, 1948 – Montgomery Clift


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Life Magazine Cover : Montgomery Clift.

  • Stone age tracks – man’s 15,000 year old footprints discovered in French cave (Grotto of Aldene).
  • Full page color Community silverplate ad with bride with poinsettias, art by Jon Whitcomb. Battle of Suchow, China.
  • Full page Ipana tooth paste ad with Connie Dickman and her children.
  • Full page color Corette Slips ad with art by JKR.
  • Navy provides biggest football upset of year.
  • Another charming full page Sanforized fabrics ad “Buffalo’d Bill” with art by Gregori.
  • Kentucky town has five police chiefs in four months (Evarts, Kentucky).
  • Phantom Islands, Dod Orsborne – clue to Mary Celeste mystery.
  • Great two page spread of photos of the Army – Navy football game.
  • Vaudevilles variety shows.
  • European zoos.
  • Bigtime television – photo essay.
  • Dent proof plastic fender.
  • Campus fads, caps, mitts and crew hats, matching parkas, Moo moos, Mumus.
  • Siamese boxers, kick boxing.
  • Photo of leading stars – Hollywood’s 1948 idea of male sex appeal.
  • Trouble with the movie – The Boy with Green Hair.
  • Strand hotel.
  • Sitwells visit US.
  • Cute full page color Textron ad with pink quilted robe, art by C. J. Sternberg.
  • Nice full page color Studebaker ad with yellow car at night in front of a movie theater.
  • Big two page color Nash airflyte ad with blue car.
  • Nice photo of Georgia O’Keeffe with portrait painted of her in 1908.
  • Very pretty full page color Berkshire stockings ad.
  • Super full page Schwinn bicycle ad.
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