Life Magazine December 28, 1942 – Madonna


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Life Magazine Cover : Raphael’s Madonna in color.

  • Interview with Prime Minister Jan Smuts on Anglo-American cooperation in post war world.
  • Nice full page War Bonds ad with handsome flier, art by Walter M. Baumhofer.
  • Buffalo and horseflesh alleviate meat shortages.
  • First casualties from North Africa are treated at Army’s Walter Reed Hospital.
  • Air photo shows Rommels’s retreat.
  • Lieut. General Arnold reveals Air Forces’ future.
  • WAAC strip-teaser is court-martialed.
  • General Clark’s secret mission.
  • How to milk a cow.
  • War swells production of industrial alcohol.
  • Service mother carries on at home as sons go to war, Mrs. Willard Carlton Smith of Mishawaka, Indiana.
  • Photo essay – Miami beach in wartime.
  • Sailors in Hawaii pose with Hula girls.
  • Republican National committee meeting.
  • Full page movie poster ad for “Commandos Strike at Dawn” starring Paul Muni.
  • Neat full page Boeing ad with lots of bi-wing airplanes.
  • Full page color Camels ad on back cover with Adeline Gray, parachutist.
  • Full page color Vega aircraft corporation, subsidiary of Lockheed, with Ventura aircraft.
  • Full page color Max Factor makeup ad.
  • Nice full page Ballantine’s ale ad.
  • And much more NEAT stuff in this Life Magazine December 28, 1942!
  • Vintage magazines are fun from cover to cover!
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