Life Magazine December 23, 1966 – 30th Anniversary


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Life Magazine Cover : Special 30th anniversary double-issue on photography.

  • Optical devices found in nature.
  • New art of photography born in France.
  • Civil War photos.
  • Great minimalist full page Kodak ad, simple film box at bottom of page, “what’s life without pictures?”
  • Photographing the beauty of the nude.
  • Photographer Carl Mydans’ essay on how you should take pictures.
  • Photo essay – the world of amateur photography.
  • The uses of modern photography.
  • New photographic techniques to see beyond human sight.
  • Hugh Moffett, an assistant managing editor of “Life,” writes a personal tribute to photographers he has known for 35 years.
  • Photo essay – the power of seeing, wide variety of dramatic photos from around the world.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine December 23, 1966!
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