Life Magazine December 21, 1959 – Eisenhower


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Life Magazine Cover : Eisenhower and President Ayub Khan in Pakistan (this is part of an article about Eisenhower’s travels, includes meeting with Pope).

  • Nice full page Black & White Scotch ad with black and white Scotty dogs, art by Morgan Dennis.
  • Ravenna’s resplendent mosaics.
  • Harry Truman and Eleanor Roosevelt argue publicly about “hot-house liberals.”
  • Photo of man being rescued from the grounded Finnish freighter “Anna” off the coast of Scotland.
  • Stilbestrol shown to cause cancer, so it is no longer used to de-sex chickens for faster weight gain.
  • Prosperity brings Christmas opulence to Regent Street in London.
  • Photo essay – Venus, there may be life there, a team of scientists ride hot-air balloons to an altitude of 80,000 feet to study it, Robert Halman, Harold Glaser, John Sparkman, Charles Moore, Malcolm D. Ross, others.
  • Movie – “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” made by Charles Brackett.
  • Katharine Cornell with Shaw, and Bette Davis with Sandburg.
  • Book “Folk Medicine” by Dr. D.C. Jarvis.
  • Rhode Island invalids have heart-warming Christmas celebration, Normand and John Messier, Jeannette Caron, Paul Lussier, Patricia Southiere, Jean Rocha, Ethel Cadwgan.
  • Full page white Scott toilet tissue ad with negligee by Howard Greer.
  • Great two page photo of toy helicopters flying over toy trains.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine December 21, 1959!
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