Life Magazine December 20, 1954 – Space


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Life Magazine Cover : The star studded reaches of space.

  • Mambo is the latest dance craze.
  • Colorful and interesting full page color movie poster ad for “Sign of the Pagan” with Jeff Chandler and others.
  • Fun series of photo cards are the annual Christmas cards of the Walter Wolf family of Rydal, Pennsylvania – more and more goofy.
  • Flatiron – University of Colorado – prints pinup girls and gets the college magazine suspended.
  • Neat two page color Campbell’s soups ad with photos of 22 different kinds of their soups.
  • Really sad photo of Reginald De Baggis struggling to get back in his burning house to rescue his five children (Franklin, Massachusetts).
  • The World We Live In: Conclusion – The Starry Universe by Lincoln Barnett – illustrations by Chesley Bonestell, Antonio Petruccelli, James Perry Wilson and Robert Gartland.
  • New regime in Japan.
  • The rescue of 3 survivors from the tugboat Bertha R., which had sunk in the Gulf of Mexico, rescued by Coast Guard and freighter Helen Lykes.
  • Curious photo of little Debbie Pond meeting a bunch of huge characters, color.
  • Ranger Joe cereal contest allows kids to collect all the toys then can carry – Frank Della Noce, Darlynn Heindl, Jay Diamant in Baltimore.
  • Photos of the stunts falls taken as part of the making of the movie “Vera Cruz.”
  • Tom Gola of La Salle College is new basketball star.
  • YWCA women – Elisabeth L Moore and Emmavail Severinghaus inspect YMCA schools around Asia.
  • Charming photo of Albert Rogers, zookeeper, with two giraffes.
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