Life Magazine December 15, 1958 – Our Moon


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Life Magazine Cover : A prehistoric explosion that made a lunar landmark – illustration.

  • Full page color AC oil filter ad featuring Dale Robertson in Wells Fargo.
  • Full page Vitalis hair tonic ad with Ski instructor Neil Robinson.
  • Fireman Richard Scheidt in a great rescue photo, part of the story about the tragic huge fire at a Chicago parochial school, 89 children and 3 nuns died, Life Artist Franklin McMahon illustrated the drama.
  • Two page full color 1959 Mercury Country Cruiser ad.
  • Christmas shopping is a growing business around the US.
  • New men sweep the French election – Charles DeGaulle, Jacques Soustelle, Michel Debre, Leon Delbecquie and Mari Fourcade.
  • Sinbad movie with Kerwin Mathews and Kathryn Grant.
  • Berlin’s embattled Mayor Willy Brandy – profile.
  • Rembrandt portrays Great and Holy events in his artwork – 8 pages of great art.
  • Pier Angeli in the film Teresa.
  • Future empress of Japan – Prince Akihito Tsiginomiya chooses Michiko Shoda as his bride.
  • Singers Bob Shane, Nick Reynolds and Dave Guard sing about hanged Tom Dula or Tom Dooley.
  • The Moon: myths, marvels and man’s reach for it – feature stories and photos.
  • Dogs are happy to be safe in the city, by Nathaniel Benchly and professional dog walker Mary Jane Lane.
  • Full page B&W Ronson shaver ad with Arthur Godfrey.
  • Inauguration of Mexican President Adolfo Lopez Mateos photo of Zocalo.
  • Great photo of baby watching a smoke ring that his father David Miller had just blown, Denver, Colorado (except for the whole “smoking by your baby” thing).
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