Life Magazine December 15, 1947 – Night Club Girls


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Life Magazine Cover : Night Club Girls – Dawn McInerney, Thana Barclay, Joy Skylar.

  • Full page color Ad for Royal Crown Cola with Barbara Stanwyck.
  • French soldiers fight back communists in Paris.
  • Charming series of photos of children who called MU 8-2205 and got Santa Claus, including Patricia Guinan, Ann Kernan, Christopher Lange, laine Jung, Jimmy O’Brien, Jo Ann Ward.
  • Very Bright full page color Chesterfield cigarettes ad with Alan Hale as Santa Claus.
  • Samist artist Ernest Trova.
  • OK, this is a bit of a gruesome ad, full page color Arrow Shirts ad with Santa about to commit suicide with a blunderbuss gun.
  • Awesome-ist full page color Coca-cola ad with Santa at refrigerator.
  • Fashion – petticoats.
  • The partition of Palestine into Arab and Jewish states.
  • Midget car racers – Bob Disbrow.
  • Bell ringer Mrs. Arthur Shurcliff.
  • Feature on Nightclubs, Broadway, includes The Harem, Joe E. Lewis, The Latin Quarter, The Havana-Madrid, The Cafe Society Downtown, The Copacabana.
  • Joe Louis and Joe Walcott, boxers, Madison Square Gardens.
  • New inventions from backyard inventors.
  • Reef life – great images.
  • Efficiency expert helps farmers work better – Ralph Hitz, Alva Wood, Lucas County, Iowa.
  • Autobiography of Edward, Duke of Windsor.
  • Himalaya mountain climbing – six new peaks scaled – Andre Roch, Alex Graven, Rene Dittert and Alfred Sutter and Annalies Lohner, Nepalese guides.
  • Not so charming full page color Whitman’s chocolates ad with choleric and sweaty looking Santa.
  • Full page color Pliofilm ad, M is for Mincemeat and for Marshmallows.
  • Full page color Pennsylvania Railroad ad with Santa Claus and conductor looking in on sleeping child.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine December 15, 1947!
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