Life Magazine December 14, 1959 – Volcano


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Life Magazine Cover : Great Volcanic spectacle in Hawaii, Kilauea Iki, erupting volcano.

  • Astronauts get their capsule.
  • Candidates’ views on farm crisis.
  • Amazing photo of LIFE photographer Jerry Chong fleeing from flying lava in Hawaii, great eruption photos.
  • Malpasset Dam breaks above Frejus, France – story includes Abbe Botto, Roger Robert, Antoine Novera, Louise Colson, Antoine Bongiorno, Andre Ferraud, Francois Picard, Sauveur Gil, Raphael Potenza and others.
  • Nice full page color Seven Winds fragrance ad by Du Barry.
  • The Hedgehog, some cute photos!
  • Sterling Hayden faces a custody battle back in Hollywood after taking his kids on a schooner to the South Seas.
  • Photo essay – the papers of Benjamin Franklin, part 2.
  • Photo essay – the farm problem, conclusion – includes photo of Merton Weittenhiller in his barn at Platteville, Wisconsin; Ottie Nixon plowing near Defeated, Tennessee, Hugh Landa, Eric Rajewski, Paul Bodine.
  • Fashion – Lavish Lounging outfits, Lounging pajamas.
  • Rough trio of linebackers lead the Giants, football, “Meg” Sam Huff, “Wanda” Harland Svare, “Sara” Cliff Livington.
  • Somerset Maugham visits Japan.
  • Lovely full page color Hypnotique ad for Max Factor.
  • Television rating systems.
  • Claudine and Sandy Hagen, with Mickey Cohen as someone nearby is shot in restaurant – Mickey innocent?
  • A great article about the capsule for carrying men to space, Mercury capsule, plus neat photo of monkey named Sam in mercury-like capsule.
  • Two page Nabisco crackers ad showing lots of different types with boxes and ways to serve them.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine December 14, 1959!
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