Life Magazine December 13, 1948 – Eisenhower


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Life Magazine Cover : Dwight D. Eisenhower (high lights from Crusade in Europe).

  • Curious full page color Bretton watches ad.
  • Cartoons that followed the collaboration of Raymond Lowey and Tom Ewell, improving on the human body.
  • Truman gets busy on housing and labor.
  • Full page color Pennsylvania Railroad ad with horse and sleigh, art by Jerome Rozen.
  • Half page Barbasol ad with ice skaters, artist looks like Carl Setter.
  • The Metropolitan Opera opens.
  • Two page color Roma Wine ad with Dinah Shore.
  • Two governments rule two Berlins.
  • Extremely cute full page Coca-Cola ad with Santa sneaking into refrigerator.
  • Camera show.
  • Armed forces – the snorkel revolutionizes naval warfare, lots of photos of submarines.
  • Madeleine Carroll stars in “Goodbye, My Fancy.”
  • Harpist Elaine Vito plays underwater.
  • Strong plastic starch.
  • Gatie the alligator, Carl King of Chicago.
  • Excellent full page color Corby’s whiskey ad with art.
  • Christmas at Macy’s – great photos.
  • Cute full page color Monarch foods ad. Jennifer Jones.
  • Newest child star, Bobby Henrey.
  • Roller Derby, lots of rough looking skaters, including Jean Porter, Vivian Johnson, Mary Ciofani, Howard Raines and others.
  • GREAT full page Heublein’s cocktails ad with man inside bottle, black background.
  • Full page color Keepsake diamond rings ad with art by Michael.
  • Portable television sets.
  • Artificial eyes.
  • Ziegfeld girls reunion.
  • People in trailers.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine December 13, 1948!
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