Life Magazine August 9, 1954 – Cowboys


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Life Magazine Cover : Button Shugart, a boy cowpuncher and his father.

  • Jim Shugart (two page of photos inside, San Pedro valley, Arizona).
  • Full page Ipana tooth paste ad with Anne Helm.
  • Great photos of pogo sticks mounted on stilts, Bill Gaffney and Tom Weaver.
  • Hot wet work, digging the Tecolote Tunnel in Santa Barbara California – a very interesting story.
  • Great two page color ad for Dan River plaid fabrics.
  • British pull out of Suez canal zone.
  • Great photo of the Northern Pike fish that Oliver Hoglund almost caught.
  • Full page two color movie ad – The Black Shield of Falworth with Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh.
  • Big rock fall at Niagara falls.
  • Final note on Montgomery Ward Thorne case, death by natural causes.
  • Discount houses stir up a $5 billion fuss by Herbert Brean.
  • Public gets to view art collection of Philip Lehman – cool photos.
  • Cuba’s boss, Batista.
  • New transport jet, the Boeing 707, includes great color aerial photo of plan N70700.
  • Pansy the Pangolin (an animal).
  • Leonie Vernet – New York model – profile.
  • William Faulkner writes A Fable notes on his wall.
  • Full page two color Kleenex ad with Little Lulu.
  • Full page Champion Spark Plugs ad with race car driver Bill Vukovich and his car, more.
  • A Hamlet enigma at Elsinore – search for manuscript by William W. Wandivert.
  • Bonnie Brigadoon makes moors indoors – new movie with Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse.
  • Nice photo of Kathy Warren as an ice skater Desmond Scott leaps over her, slicing an apple balanced on her head en route.
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