Life Magazine August 4, 1958 – War Strategy


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Life Magazine Cover : Modern war strategist General James M Gavin.

  • Khrushchev makes a bid for power in Moscow.
  • Mormon Trek in miniature – kids celebrate Utah settling, Robert Maugham.
  • French parade for Bastille day with Charles de Gaulle.
  • Movie “Proud Rebel” stars a young David Ladd and Alan Ladd.
  • Charming photos of children of Claire Nicolas White, Stephanie White, Sebastian White, Natalie White and poetry.
  • Full page color Owens-Corning Fiberglas ad with bowling theme.
  • Baghdad, Iraq – Survivor gives details of Savagery (sounds like the same news we are hearing 50 years later).
  • Gamal Abdel Nasser (United Arab Republic) makes a big deal about how good it is that Nuri has been murdered in Iraq.
  • Update on troops in Lebanon includes photo of William Winters with his burro.
  • Motorized British expedition across Antarctica with Vivian Bunny Fuchs and Edmund Hillary – exclusive interviews by Robert Manning, a fancy kind of snow cat.
  • Full page Eskimo Pie ad with great illustration of young Eskimo.
  • Satellite Explorer IV heads into space.
  • Photo of the Diligenti quintuplets of Argentina.
  • The best one yet, full page color Post Toasties corn flakes ad with art by Dick Sargent.
  • Ladies take up Golf – Nancy Becker, Pauline Rees, Josephine Mallozzi and Carmine Volpe.
  • Tragic Mistakes that undermine US Defense Preparation, by Lieut. General James M. Gavin.
  • Gregory Peck and wife Veronique take a ride on a roller coaster.
  • Neat photo of guys carrying a huge pane of glass.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine August 4, 1958!
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