Life Magazine August 26, 1957 – Hearst Estate


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Life Magazine Cover : Roman Pool at San Simeon, the late William Randolph Hearst’s estate.

  • Amazing cockpit photos as John McGuyrt escapes an out-of-control jet during test flight.
  • Full page color Post-Tens ad with illustration by Dick Sargent, father and son balancing dishes, newspaper, and cereal.
  • Alpine tragedy and rescue : Italian Claudio Corti on Eiger in the Swiss Alps.
  • Barstow, California’s new hospital is finished, but too poor to open.
  • Anthrax kills cattle in Oklahoma.
  • Camden, Maine plays Peyton Place.
  • Photo essay – A unique tour of San Simeon.
  • Close-up: A peacemaking minister, Reverend C. Myers, in gangland.
  • Periscope Peepers.
  • Cute full page color Canada Dry ad with a tiny boy hiding sodas from his older brother behind his back.
  • Full page Clairol hair color ad.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine August 26, 1957!
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