Life Magazine August 25, 1961 – West Berliners


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Life Magazine Cover : West Berliners stand their ground.

  • Full page color Post cereals and TANG ad, buy them both and get free white ” hobnail” design glass and bowl.
  • Oops, photo of paratrooper landing in the top of his comrade’s open chute.
  • Hemingway’s last words – letter reproduction.
  • On the brink in Berlin – start of the Berlin Wall, closing of the gate.
  • Death of a Judge – Learned Hand by Ernest Havemann.
  • Two page Standard Oil ad with close-up photo of ” skin diver” in helmet and water up to his nose.
  • Up the impossible wall – Mt McKinley, Annibale Zucchi, Romano Perego, Ginacarlo Canali and Luigi Alippi amazing ascent photos.
  • Ole Miss beauty queens – Sarah Kay Burns, Annice Raye Jernigan, Rita Wilson.
  • W. R. Hearst leaps in journalism by W. A. Swanberg.
  • Diane Ellison wins women’s world birling title at Hayward, Wisconsin, log rolling.
  • Photo of horse race finish at Saratoga, where all the horses in the race finished in the order of their jerseys (#1 was first, #2 second, etc).
  • The Pond – photos by Alfred Eisenstaedt.
  • Sky High house on a pedestal – Leonard Malin’s house in Los Angeles.
  • Great full page Bell Telephone System ad of phone booth with sign “temporarily closed, bird nesting” and a robin in its nest on top of the phone, White Oak, Maryland.
  • Full page Maytag ad with army family of David Hall, moving from Germany to Baltimore and back to Germany with their washer.
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